Established in Ankara in 1955 and has been operating in Istanbul since 1995, Moda Kürk, proceeds its way with the experience transferred from generation to generation in leather and fur apparel.

Importing the products of marten, chinchilla, mink, fox, raccoon, rabbit and rex fur from Denmark, Finland, Canada, PRC, Republic of South Africa and Spain, all of which are grown in farms, our company enriches those products by its unique designs and experienced staff and render them to wearable fur and leather apparel. In the final stage our company exports those ready to wear products all over the world. Some of the exporting products are coats, jackets, vests and accessories made of fur and leather.

Our company, which is one of the leading companies in its sector, fur and leather clothing, exhibits its products in national and international fairs. Recently participated fairs can be listed as Leshow Moscow, Leshow Istanbul, International Footwear Fashion Fair, MIFUR-The One Milano, CPM Moscow, TDKD Leather and Fur Show and South Korea B2B Meetings.

Lastly, Our company, which offers its products to the taste of its customers with our registered brand MODAQUEEN, directs fashion.

Feel yourself everday like a queen with MODAQUEEN.