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       Moda Kurk Deri was founded in 1955 by Ali Boynukısa at Samanpazarı which is a very historical place in Ankara. In 1979, Moda Kurk had become a company and in 1995 moved to İstanbul to expand the business in "fur" under the management of Ali Yavuz Boynukısa. After moving to İstanbul, the company has taken as a name "Moda Kurk Deri ve Textile ltd.sti."and set up a successful overseas export&import trade in the fur business. By the year 2000, it had become one of the leading companies in its sector.

       Due to our commitment to top quality, our company has continued to develop and expand the business. We are planning to invest half of our profit in production in the future.

        We import our products from Finland, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Spain, Chine and America. These raw products are manufactured by our company and then sold to Russia, Holland, Finland, Ukrania, Kazakistan, Azarbaican and Romania.

         All the materials we import or produce (mink, racun, seal pelts, chinese lamb, cow, sheep and bull skin) are processed in our factory, making them ready to be sold as a whole or retail.

         Moda Kurk is able to produce any type of fur that can be used in manufacturing and able to answer every demand made by our customers.

         The international companies we work with are very well known in the fur business and they are very professional.ie:F.F.S (Turkıs Tuottajat Oy) and Kopenhagen fur center.

         Thank you very much for choosing our quality and putting your faith in Moda Kurk.

         Think carefuly make wise disicion.