Furmark is a global initiative that oversees the fur industry's supply chain. Fur is a durable material that lasts from one generation to the next. It can be recycled and restyled. Furthermore, it is a biodegradable and sustainable raw material.FURMARK’s role is to ensure the greatest levels of animal welfare and environmental standards. Science, independent inspection, and transparency are the primary elements of this labeling system. In this industry, FURMARK certification briefly means confidence; confidence for their suppliers, partners, retailers, and consumers. This program, which we embrace as a Modakurk organization, is constantly renewed and improved. In the end, FURMARK grants users a certified quality indicator through the operating system they use.


The processes of the fur reaching the consumers are part of the supply chain that FURMARK monitors. These processes include dressers, dyers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. The raw material in the FURMARK supply chain is separated into two categories: farm-grown and wild fur. These raw ingredients are produced under strict supervision and control of FURMARK. An impartial third-party audit will be conducted on this audit. Everyone may verify the movement of FURMARK-certified pelts using the CHAINPOINT traceability system.


In this FURMARK system, animal welfare and environmental good are the main purposes of the system. MODAKURK company plays a role as a manufacturer and retailer in the supply chain of FURMARK. As a company that prioritizes the importance of sustainable fur materials and the benefits to nature, we have embraced the FURMARK system which matches our values. With this system, we use raw fur materials that minimize the damage to nature. unlike many fashion clothes, fur raw material can be recycled in nature by itself in a few years. All the fur products that we use in our production process are labeled with FurMark.From the system, you can track labeled furs every detail from animal welfare to animal nutrition. Furmark also conducts inspections in the fur-producing region. Our products, which we produce by passing these inspections, are also inspected in terms of quality. Thus to the supervision and reliability of the system, we can guarantee high quality to our customers.

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